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Our father opened Kabab House in 1995 to serve delicious persian kababs and stews to a community of Iranian ex-pats. We carry his tradition forward with a california atmosphere for all Angelenos, and the same love of cooking for friends, family and neighbors.

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Our Specialties

Koobidé Beef

A skewer of our famous seasoned ground beef served with grilled tomato, salad & basmati rice.


Family Platter

Two skewers of our beef Koobidé, two skewers of our grilled chicken kabab, grilled veggies and basmati rice.


Appetizer Trio

Three full portions of our favorite appetizers: Roasted Eggplant, Yogurt Dip, and Hummus all served with Lavash flatbread.


Grilled Chicken

Our marinated boneless chicken tender served with grilled tomato, salad & basmati rice.


Double Up Koobidé

Choose two skewers of beef, chicken, spicy chicken, lamb or impossible koobide with salad and rice.


Steak & Chicken

A skewer of our filet mignon kabab, and a skewer of grilled chicken kabab, served with a grilled tomato, salad, and basmati rice.



Our Menu

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We offer everything you need to cater for parties, office lunches, holidays and more. Or you can host at our space for private parties, filming and events. Contact us by filling out the form.